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What was your worst PC meltdown?


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I'll start this one.  Valentines Day, 2014.  Was having an intermittent issue where my PC (retail purchased) would shut down and restart only when I was using my web browser, was diagnosing that thing for days on end.

Got  up from my chair and walked away, made it 10 feet when I heard a loud electrical SNAP!! Spun around and saw both my monitors go dark. Paused, then that burnt electronics smell hit me.

I think the neighbors heard me yell "Are you effing KIDDING me?!?!?"

Power supply fried the mother board.  :angry:   Was so mad I tore that thing apart like a tornado.

Which led me to my current build.

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Wow thats crazy man... lucky you were near to turn it off quickly

I nearly had a electrical fire last year when i was mining, i had about 15 cards sucking power off a old power strip and the cord was tucked under a rug ( for cable management you know )... Anyway cord got warm the rug got burned, I was lucky to be close because i think any later the rug would have gone up in flames

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