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Thermaltake Tower 900 Owners


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Good afternoon!

I'm looking at the 900 to be the chassis of my next major build. It's going to be a media server (amongst other things) and I really only have one major question that I need answered at this time...

The x4 3.5 bay drive that's mounted in the back. Is it possible to buy additional brackets to add more HDD's?

My intention is to run UnRAID. I want to use the x2 2.5 SSD as the cache drives & the front x2 3.5 space for parity drives. All the drives in the back will be the array.

I'm sure I can find a fix for it, but if someone already has the answer that would save me a lot of time.



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31 minutes ago, Chris Welch said:

I used mountain mods 120mm fan HDD brackets to mount 12 drives to the back of a 480 radiator, other than that, you might have to go custom

So far Ive managed to pick 4 extra from people on reddit so only need another 4x cages and I will be set but as far as getting parts from the manufacture Thermaltake has to be the worst I have ever had to deal with for over 12 months I've been trying to get the parts from them and they are completely useless.

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