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Lost keys

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How'd, I'm just now getting my computer room unpacked with help of my 13 year old son. I was electrocuted in 2007 at work. So my systems sat for 10 years not being used, movers didn't pack very good (surprise) so many PC stuff broken or lost. Now to my question. I have a Xaser lll that I had locked, the keys are lost! How do I get another set of keys please? Both my PSU units are bad now too. The 580w was being used and now nothing at all via the Thermaltake PSU tester, so I hooked up the New old 1050w, tester shows "F" at -5v and -12v. I assume the caps went bad from not being used? I can't afford to buy new PSU for these two PC's so are they fixable via consumer?

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