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Help with watercooling and connections Riing CPU-Fan

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I'm new to watercooling and just made a try with rigid tubing, pump and connections work well. I placed them outside the pc, psu with pin connected, great. Now i'm trying to connect it with my motherboard but when starting i get an error on the bios saying it has no cpu fan connected. The motherboard is Asus Prime Z390 A , i've got the D5 pump radiator cl360, waterblock from the set and the riing 120 fans.
(3 pieces for the radiator en 2 for the case)

I connected the fans to the controller which was supplied together with the pump. And the 2 other fans to the second controller. Both controllers have a molex to the psu. And i used the micro usb to the motherbord on a 9 pin usb connection. The cpu-fan or the w-pump both are 4 pins.

How do i connect these to my cpu-fan connection ?  (Sorry for the noob question, just can't figure it out)

Seconds question i saw a TT Commander F6 which looks great but can i connect my Riing 120 RGB on this sinds these are 9 pins and the commander only has 3 or 4 pin connections i believe? 

Thanks for your help and reading this !!


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