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Riing trio and sync controllers

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iv been trying to get around this rgb lighting stuff and i think i might have figured it out i was hopeing someone here can confirm if my idea would work
iv been looking into a way to hook up 12 ring trio fans to my motherboard which is a msi z390m gaming edge AC and get past the led limitation of the board and sync them with mystic light

my plan which im not really sure will work is to buy a lamptron sp101 which can run 600 leds over 10 headers with a 11th header that go stright to the motherboard each header on the lamptron sp101 can support up to 60 leds so my thinking was if i was to run 6 tt sync hubs with 2 fans into each hub and to 1 header on the lamptron it would allow me to get past the led limitation any input on this would be great or if there is any other way to run these fan over 2 headers and sync with mystic light as my motherboard does have a second header would be great help also


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