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  1. Riing tt rgb fans problems

    Well i tried it on another pc and it has the same issues as my pc did. So it must be the controller then
  2. Riing tt rgb fans problems

    I opened the task manager and checked the startup programs list and it is listed as tt RIING RGBFan Hid as being enabled but there is no icon in the taskbar...i have come to think that the fan controller is the problem....the usb header on the motherboard is working. The fans get power and light up red. But there is no communication from the controller to the software which runs through the usb header. So the usb side of the controller could be dead? Thats the best i could come up with
  3. Riing tt rgb fans problems

    Hi mike thanks for the reply. It is connected to the usb header and power is connected to the psu, all 3 fans are connected to the controller and the controller is set to no 1. When i turn the system on the fans come on right away and light up red and stay red when the system is fully booted. I am running the latest windows 10 pro and latest rgb software version. There is no icon that shows up near the clock. I have tried a uninstall and reinstall and still the same thing. The usb header is working as i plugged my phone into the mini usb that goes into the controller and my phone started to charge. I got no idea what the problem could be. Cheers
  4. Gday guys. I recently installed 3 x rgb tt riing fans and mine are only lighting up red. And the software doesnt recognise my fans. No rpm no nothing. I have a asus maximus hero viii. I installed them exactly how it says in the manual and i just have no idea whats going on. Any helo would be greatly appreciated. Cheers
  5. Riing tt rgb fans problems

    Hi everyone. I recently installed 3 x riing tt rgb fans and my problem is they only operate with a red led and the software that is used to control them doesnt show the fans as connected. So no rpm or anything is shown. I have connected them properly as shown on the manual and i have no clue what is going on. My motherboard is a asus maximus hero viii if that helps Cheers