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  1. Correct you can only sync three at a time. For each group of three the only way to pick a color is to click at the color wheel and hope you get an exact match. One overall update however. The software seems to "monitor" your overall CPU temps and "automatically" throttles the fan speeds up and down. No way however to control this as I can see.
  2. I thought about getting the soldering gun out but I paid to much. Especially since I bought the old ones and installed them a month before these came out. Essentially bought them twice before the computer was even out of dry dock but I couldn't pass up the software control. SO MUCH potential if they could only give a pro version of the software with these pro fans. Current software was designed for someone that visits Best Buy for computer hardware... DOM
  3. I just received & installed nine new Riing 12 Premium radiator fans. The controllers are significantly smaller than the older non-premium models. Cable connectors are also smaller so no way to try and use the old fans on the new controllers. Each box of three comes with a jumper cable to easily daisy chain controllers together. The last one in the chain can either go to an open USB port via a standard micro USB cable or you can use this nifty cable also included that goes directly to a motherboard USB 2 header. I was happy with everything until I downloaded and fired up the software. It isn't that sophisticated and has a critical bug plus some smaller ones. Very basic interface more geared towards a novice rather than someone that is installing radiator fans. RPM slider bar moves past the default lowest setting of 50% but doesn't actually do anything. Confirmed this bug with tech support. No ETA on a fix. Critical bug for me. The only way to select a color is to click on a color wheel. No way to enter an RGB color value. While you can clone the color from one fan to another you can't clone across controllers making it very difficult or impossible to get exactly the same colors on all fans if you have multiple controllers or more than three fans. No way to assign profiles or individual settings to any external triggers like opening an app. The software should at least have command line functionally so you could use even a basic batch file to fire a profile and then load a game. Would also be nice to be able to set profiles, fan speeds, or colors based on temperatures monitored by the system. The interface isn't that intuitive and confusing. Not that clear how fans are grouped into controllers or how to save or load them from profiles. Well at least we have a USB connection so even if Thermaltake started over we have the underpinning to control these fans via software. Why don't they just open it up so developers could make their own "fan apps". Am I the only one on the planet that has started using these new fans? DOM
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