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Everything posted by beni

  1. MyRevenge e.V. - Europe

    Hello everyone Yesterday i played some cod2 war and my Shock 3D 7.1 giving me a lot of advantage because of the sounding! THANKS TT
  2. MyRevenge e.V. - Europe

    Hello everyone! My Shock 3D is the best for the new game what i play! thanks tt <3
  3. MyRevenge e.V. - Europe

    Still rockin' the TT stuff in all events and home too. Thanks tt <3
  4. MyRevenge e.V. - Europe

    Yesterday i played in a 24h lan party with my TT stuff and the whole lan was awesome with theese stuff. Thanks TT <3
  5. MyRevenge e.V. - Europe

    Hello everyone gaming with my full TT set which is a Shock 3D, ventus X and poseidon Z the gaming is way better than before. Thanks TT <3
  6. MyRevenge e.V. - Europe

    Hello everyone Started playing some games where i need a good headphone but i got my Shock 3D so nothing can stop me! thanks TT
  7. MyRevenge e.V. - Europe

    It would be so cool if tt makes an xmas special edition i guess
  8. MyRevenge e.V. - Europe

    Hello guys Started playing cod 4 with my ventus x and Shock 3D 7.1 and im already better than avarege because i got the best headset and the best mouse! thanks tt <3
  9. MyRevenge e.V. - Europe

    Hello My Ventus X works absulitely fine since i got it!! THANKS TT<3
  10. MyRevenge e.V. - Europe

    Hello guys Yesterday i was in a lan using my TT gears it was so awesome we got 1st place!! thanks TT <3
  11. MyRevenge e.V. - Europe

    Today on a CS:GO server a couple guys asked me wich moust i got, i said ventus x go find on TT <3
  12. MyRevenge e.V. - Europe

    Hello guys, since im using TT stuff my gaming experience is much better!! thanks tt <3
  13. MyRevenge e.V. - Europe

    Hello guys in this summer i made a lot of LAN party in my house and a lot of my friends tryed out my TT gears they all said this gears are so cool! TANKS TT <3
  14. MyRevenge e.V. - Europe

    Hello guyz i used my Battle Dragon Bag yesterday in a little lan of my friend it was so good evrything fits in that bag!! THANKS TT
  15. MyRevenge e.V. - Europe

    Hello guys Yesterday i was in my friends house and he also got a ventus x mouse he said best mouse he ever had!!!
  16. MyRevenge e.V. - Europe

    Hello guys/girls Got my Pozeoidon Z yesterday, its so much better than other keyboards i've ever had! THANKS TT <3
  17. MyRevenge e.V. - Europe

    Hello guys i was in LAN yesterday and used my TT gear for gaming it was so cool and also ppl asked what type of gear is this? i said ofc TT <3
  18. MyRevenge e.V. - Europe

    Hello guyz! Yesterday i played from the morning to night and i ues my Shock 3D its was so comfortable! thanks tt <3
  19. MyRevenge e.V. - Europe

    Hello guys! If you guys want to get pro gaming equipment go for the TT stuff! GOGOGO
  20. MyRevenge e.V. - Europe

    Hello guys since i use my tt gear, my gaming experience is way more better than before, thanks TT <3
  21. MyRevenge e.V. - Europe

    Hi there! I can't wait to see the gaming house with all the TT stuff. My setup is done and yours?
  22. MyRevenge e.V. - Europe

    Hello there I used my ventus x in my friend's land party and all of my friends asked wow where did u get that mouse? only TT <3
  23. MyRevenge e.V. - Europe

    I got one! I can say only good things about the SHOCK 3D, best headset i've ever seen! :))