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  1. Hello everyone Some of my friends saw my gaming setup and they saw my tt stuff and 2 of my friends also bought some tt stuff. Thanks Tt
  2. Hello everyone Yesterday was one of my friends birthday and I bought him a Poseidon Z and he was so happy about it thanks tt
  3. Hello all Yesterday one of my friends bought a Shock 3D 7.1 and he is absolutely fine with it! Thanks tt
  4. Hello everyone Happy New Year to everyone! I hope in 2018 tt will release more and more cool stuff
  5. Hello everyone is it me only who waiting for new year to see if tt maybe will drop some new things?
  6. Hello guys my Shock 3D 7.1 gives me the best gaming gaming experience so far, thanks tt ❤️
  7. Hello everyone Yesterday i played some cod2 war and my Shock 3D 7.1 giving me a lot of advantage because of the sounding! THANKS TT
  8. Hello everyone! My Shock 3D is the best for the new game what i play! thanks tt <3
  9. Yesterday i played in a 24h lan party with my TT stuff and the whole lan was awesome with theese stuff. Thanks TT <3
  10. Hello everyone gaming with my full TT set which is a Shock 3D, ventus X and poseidon Z the gaming is way better than before. Thanks TT <3
  11. Hello everyone Started playing some games where i need a good headphone but i got my Shock 3D so nothing can stop me! thanks TT
  12. Hello guys Started playing cod 4 with my ventus x and Shock 3D 7.1 and im already better than avarege because i got the best headset and the best mouse! thanks tt <3
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