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  1. How to use PWM on Riing Plus fans?

    I'm going to assume there is no control by the software and I need to set it manually. It's a shame they have a great physical product but crap software.....this isn't the only issue I have had since owning the Riing fans.
  2. How to use PWM on Riing Plus fans?

    I absolutely love these fans. Simply the best looking on the market. I run mine in Flow with all 6 fans synced. However, they always run at 100% which means around 1440rpm. That's great for gaming but not when I'm browsing web or photo editing. How do I use the PWM feature in the software so the fans will adjust based on temps? Is this something that needs control through my Asus Z270 software? Thx for the help.
  3. Why not just connect a 2 to 1 fan cable instead? I was thinking of using my Noctua one. I have the Riing plus and want to connect a sixth fan to the hub (which only allows 5 naturally).
  4. Riing v1.07 fixed my issues

    I have 2 packs of the Riing Plus. And the software has fixed issues magically. Had them a week and was disappointed as only one pack showed up in software. Before : 1 pack was always Rainbow, and other pack I could adjust color and speed. Now : Both packs appear in the Riing software and I can control them as I like. Thanks for the fix Thermaltake. I'm posting this to let others know they might have problems fixed if they update the software. Now if there is some way to chain them such that all run at exact same color and speed.