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  1. It is more like case by case situation with 4 fans and sep. feed. Also check your bios. I know gigabyte defaults fans to 0.5 rpm. It might affect.
  2. Even though white color draws the most power (255,255,255), it unlikely to cause any power shortage. Unless (1) you did not use separate power feed directly from the PSU, (2) your motherboard has some issues with power delivery through PWM, (3) your PSU has some issues with 12V rail (unlikely but can happen), or (4) you just have a faulty controller. On some systems I observed loss of RPM without using separate feed, so ... What's your setup?
  3. Will be. Controller cannot remember settings because it doesn't have memory to store settings.
  4. remove door fan first, hah. If it has OFF mode, then there might be a workaround, I just not familiar with this case and fan controller.
  5. Ahh, okay. There is a "hard" way of doing this: http://forums.bit-tech.net/showthread.php?t=154804 Or just to cut off ground on each led, lol. OR, just buy another fans without LED. TT have pretty decent fans, as well as other manufacturers.
  6. Ok, gotcha. You have 3 pin connector. Red - +5V\12V, Black - Ground (GND) and Yellow - Tachometric Signal to control RPM. There is no way to disconnect LED unless there is a switch for that. If I were you, I would find a place, where all LEDs from one fan goes into 1 wire and then into main red\black wire and cut it off. So, generally the easiest method to cut off LED power supply from main wire, later if you would like to turn it on - just connect back and isolate with electric tape.
  7. Ok, I'm not familiar with this case, but what LED fans do you have? They have 1 single color, or they change colors, like RGB fans?
  8. Exactly. Honestly I do not believe that 2 controllers can have defects at the same time. If you obtained power from Molex --> PSU and still see this issue, that's more likely your motherboard behave not in the right way. Try to connect to CPU fan and see how it would work. That's why I don't like ASRock, they always messing up with everything.
  9. You have to connect to 4-pin case fan socket. It looks like this: Difference is very simple. First of all PWM stands for Pulse Width Modulation It is required to control fans. 3-pin - same thing except you cannot control fans because it doesn't have PW module. Check everything and supply with pictures of how you connected everything. Even what you set up in UEFI. In that way it would be much clear for everyone to understand your problem.
  10. You posted to a wrong section. http://community.thermaltake.com/index.php?/forum/10-chassis/ < --- Chasis section http://community.thermaltake.com/index.php?/topic/1092-core-x-series/ < --- Core X thread
  11. You should connect to 4-pin PWM MB port AND setup fan power in UEFI to max settings.
  12. Thanks! I also redesign for getting power from SATA. Someone might going to use it instead of molex because it will save some space and everything will be neat.
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