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  1. DPS G App 3.0 won't Log In

    Hi Yep tried that multiple times. Also tried 2 emails and 2 different OS's same thing no response. They both login on the website. Also tried your android app that's about as useful an ashtray on a motorbike as well. Crashes as soon as i hit remote. It's the exact same symptoms as SXRguyinMA. Surely it must be the same fix.
  2. DPS G App 3.0 won't Log In

    After i click login nothing happens. No error message it just does nothing. I can log in ok on the website. I tried 2 email addresses and they both work online but not with the software. Not sure if i received an email, i just did a search and couldn't find an email. I may of deleted it though.
  3. DPS G App 3.0 won't Log In

    Hi I am using ver 2.0 but the same thing happened on the previous version. The OS is Windows 10 ver 1709. The USB is connected ok. I can bring up stats ok about the PSU. I included a screenshot for you of where i get stuck. The second image is where i get up to. It just hangs there, no error message or crashes, just nothing happens.
  4. DPS G App 3.0 won't Log In

    I am having the exact same problem. Cant log in. How did you fix it?