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Front Bay LCD Displays.

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Hi guys, after ordering the V21 I was on the hunt for a fan controller/lcd media display for the front bay. as its a desktop pc, I thought it would make sense to incorporate an lcd display ( the dremel is coming out, I am gonna use that 5.25 inch hole on the case to mount a 5.25 inch LCD, so the front panel will need to be cut, unless you guys release a new front panel with a 5.25 inch bay and mounting kit ) like the iMon VDF, the Antec Veris or even Thermaltakes own MediaLab, (all those rely on custom media software ) however, on trying to track down these bay expansions, it seems that both iMON and the MediaLab are both discontinued,  and the Antec was very expensive and stock also shaky, years ago these expansions were very popular, but now it seems, not, it would be ace to see a unit incorporate both media and cooling, like the nMEDIAPC PRO LCD series, which are only $35-$40, although they are not fan controllers, just temp and fan speed read outs, and I am sure the reason most of all the other LCD media bays were discontinued was because of the software, no one wanted to use it, however, the idea of a front panel lcd display that shows all your system information has well as media information really appeals, and I am sure if ThermalTake came back into this market, it would be something really special, being able to incorporate your cooling knowledge into the product, imagine a unit like the nMEDIAPC lcd, but it also has a remote control like the MEDIALAD (A simple RF board) and a basic 4 fan controller built in, which you could control with the remote, now that would be something, for the moment, hopefully I can track down a UK supplier for nMEDIAPC and its very rare front panel LCD displays. (theres no way one of those cheap aero touch controllers is going near my V21)


MediaLab.... http://support.thermaltakeusa.com/Product.aspx?C=1437&ID=1485


nMEDIAPC PRO LCD SERIES.... http://www.nmediapc.com/prolcd.htm



please make another front bay LCD, pretty please !....




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