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  1. tahiti may run a bit hot, but its stonking value for money, and in a decent thermaltake case, makes sense.
  2. so, all the stuff is in, the 4 fan controller, carbon fibre and the crazy led eq, let the modding commence ! having lived with the case for a few weeks, I am very impressed, I paid just £50, and although its the most iv ever spent on a case, I think I got a bargain, temps are excellent, and the dust filtration means my pc has never been this clean, or quiet
  3. with v sync disabled it hits 35-90fps with fraps enabled, thats stonking performance from a card that you can pick up for as little as £80
  4. Gameplay and FPS details.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=neFCaTqAHgs
  5. My gpu was running seriously hot in my old case, the gpu is a 7870 Tahiti, based on the 7950, many call it the 7930, this card is legendary for giving a 7950 performance for 7800 pricing, my guess is amd wont ever do this again, a lot of cards were returned bacause of heat problems and bad silicon, I seem to have been given a decent one, it outperform the 270x and once overclocked can outperfrom a 7950 by around 5%, PCS, Club3d and Saphire all released versions of it, with the club 3d looking the most stable, it can hit 1200 from a stock 925, so thats a great overclock and makes the card a stonking budget buy, I have seen second hand ones for just £80 here in the UK, so anyone wanting a budget sytem would do well to get one of these, I plan to crossfire it later this year, because I know the V21 can handle it, my old case didnt. Although 2 years old now, it still pushes most games to 60fps @1080p
  6. case came today, so transfered my current rig over, idle temp on gpu went from 65+ to 40, waiting on the rest of the kit to turn up and i will start modding, will post pictures soon
  7. someone left you a wee review lads http://www.amazon.co.uk/Thermaltake-Core-Matx-Mesh-Stackable/dp/B00PN4WWH2/ref=cm_cr-mr-title
  8. 4 channel fan controller, again, nothing fancy and unbranded, I have a few ideas for this, I could braid the cable, and have it stacked with my mini amp and dac, im sure I could also easily mount it inside the case, as well as using the carbon fibre.....
  9. a 12x60 roll of carbon fibre wrap was only 3.99, if its not enough i will order more, I cant pre design the look im after because im sure using it all over the case will be overkill, so small highlights might be wise, whats your thoughs lads ?
  10. I will need to try and wire this into the system somehow, its powered by batteries, so gonna have to wire it upto the psu
  11. I might take the side off and blow some dust away, but rarely, I tend to upgrade every 12-18 months, when I do a new build, I usually strip down the old pc, sell some parts, buy some new parts, as I do that I clean
  12. keyboard came in today, I paid just £14 for a 3 colour rgb board, i might play about and see if I can use the carbon fibre to highlight it so it matches the case,as it was only £14 there are no zones or such, just a plain keyboard with no branding, but is waterproof and backlit, and means i can play about with colours. As for games, pretty much anything that catches my eye I will try, at the moment I have Elite Dangerous, Heroes and Generals, World of Tanks, I tend to play one for a few weeks then shift to another, stops me being bored with one title, the grinds on games today really do make me wish for a simpler time also, some good news the case was dispatched yesterday, and should be with me early next week
  13. DJ MACRAE 2015 CORE V21 http://www.thermaltake.com/products-model.aspx?id=C_00002559 I purchased the V21 a few days ago, however, seems that the UK supplier jumped the gun and advertised before they had stock, so a 2-3 week waiting period commences, but that gives me time to have a good think on what parts to install, so far, for the case, we have Asus AM3 micro ATX USB3 motherboard AMD FX 4300 Quad Core 4.2 Ghz CPU 8 Gigs of DDR3 1800MHZ AMD 7870 "TAHITI" PowerColour 2gb 1 TB HDD 7200rpm I have also scraped together a couple of Red LED 120mm fans, and a 750 watt power supply, and a 160 watt cpu cooler. As a base system, its not too shabby, cant call it a performance system though, but it still can handle most games at 1080p, and thats what matters, hopefully I should see better performance due to less heat when the system is built. As for mods, well I have already ordered some carbon fibre vynl , enough to cover the whole case if I wish, I also ordered one of those cheap 4 fan controllers you see on ebay for $10, this will probably be stored in the case until I figure out how to get a 5.25 inch VDF display/controller installed, until then, the cheap 4 fan box will do, I also plan to install a custom made LED panel on one side of the case, this panel will move to sound and features a inbuilt grapgic EQ, its gonna catch the eye, and will be the feature of the case. I will update as orders come in......

    Core V21

    the hole for a 5.25 inch drive bay is there on the case, its just there are no mounting brackets or a hole in the front panel for it, the dremel might have to come out for this one
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