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TteSPORTS POSEIDON Z gaming keyboard HELP needed!

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Please for help if you have the same keyboard.


I'm asking for help. Have interrupted connection on my keyboard (it's between PCB and metal plate side) so I can't see exactly where is broken.

Group of keys not working. As shown in the picture to each key is connected Diode with the cathode. Anode is connected together with other anodes from the group and go to the ribbon cable.


My group which do not work is 1,2,3,4, q, w, e, a, s, d, z, x, c, space

Can anyone tell me the anodes of diodes from this group to which PIN of the ribbon cable goes?

For example the anode of the diode connected to the button "1" to which number PIN on ribbon cable is connected.


Thanks in advance.


can contact me on kokob@abv.bg


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