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  1. Thanks David I think I cannot RMA it because it is already out of warranty I guess, bought it a used ones Btw I already solved my problem...I just by pass or add a small cable to the other node (see my pic). Unfortunatelly my flexible flat cable got ripped abit when I tried to unplug it, gotta replace it with the new ones.
  2. Well done btashev, I have problem too on this keyboard....already sent you a message
  3. Hello guys, I have problem after replacing a dead "+" keypad on right side corner just above Enter keypad, I replaced it with Cherry MX blue switch but after succeeded soldering it still dead but the blue LED is working fine also 7(home) keypad, 8(up arrow) keypad and 9(PgUp) keypad are becoming dead too although all of LEDs are working normal...the weird thing is if I unplug/un-install the "+" keypad then 7, 8, & 9 keypads is working fine. I guess it has to do with my faulty re-assemble the ribbon, first after I replace the "+" keypad I think I didn't plug well/firmly the ribbon and when I pluged the cable to PC the LEDs lighted up for 1 second and dead, all keys+LEDs are dead...so I checked again and found that I didn't plug well/firmly the ribbon...then I plug it again with caution firmly press the ribbon, the result is my Tt poseidon Z manage to work normal only 7,8 & 9 keypads are dead with "+" keypad installed/soldered. Does any one know how do I fix it? Thx
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