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RGB fittings and Riing Fans

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I have RGB fittings (with a controller) and 3 Riing Fans (same controller?).  Can I plug all devices into one controller and have them work in sync?  The controllers look the same?  While the controllers only have 5 pwm ports, the RGB fittings can be daisy chained together, so I can get everything plugged in.  Is there a limit to the number of fittings that can be plugged into one of the controller ports?





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Thanks for the question and welcome to the TT Community!


The 2 products unfortunately do not work together, mainly due to the voltage difference between the 2 as well as the connections:

RGB LED Fitting 4-pin

Riing Fans 5-pin


As for the Fittings, I have used 8 fittings off 1 controller without any issue. I have not tested any further than 8, but if you have 2 kits, it should not be an issue, just watch any decrease in the brightness adding more.

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