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MEKA (Overwatch)

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Hi guys, I'm SamCa from Philippines.
This will be my next GearUpWithEVGA mod together with Thermaltake.
The idea is to build the whole mech and modding the insides with pc components with the liquid cooling system.
The scratch build will be made from metal base, fiberglass, acrylic sheets and PLA 3d prints.
you can check out my previous Overwatch themed mod HERE

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So here's the first step. I modeled the MEKA itself and reduced the poly to unfold it easily.
I used meshlab then export to .obj file. I used pepakura to unfold the parts and I started by dividing the areas so that
I can cut it easily.


Same process will be used. I will make a papermodel for the MEKA and use some fiberglass to strengthen it.
I will be using metal/alluminum bars inside the model so that it can be sturdy enough.


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