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  1. Prepping the outer shell model for fiberglassing
  2. Hi guys, sorry for the delay of updates. Huge thanks to EVGA for supporting this build together with . Also, I made a shirt for my upcoming videos. Yay!
  3. Huge thanks to Thermaltake for providing the watercooling parts
  4. So here's the first step. I modeled the MEKA itself and reduced the poly to unfold it easily. I used meshlab then export to .obj file. I used pepakura to unfold the parts and I started by dividing the areas so that I can cut it easily. Same process will be used. I will make a papermodel for the MEKA and use some fiberglass to strengthen it. I will be using metal/alluminum bars inside the model so that it can be sturdy enough.
  5. Hi guys, I'm SamCa from Philippines. This will be my next GearUpWithEVGA mod together with Thermaltake. The idea is to build the whole mech and modding the insides with pc components with the liquid cooling system. The scratch build will be made from metal base, fiberglass, acrylic sheets and PLA 3d prints. you can check out my previous Overwatch themed mod HERE
  6. Hello. I'm Sam Callanta or samca. Project kurosai will be a featured pc mod for Pangasinan Cyber Expo which will be held on November 25-26, 2016 at Robinsons Place Pangasinan. Project kurosai means black - rhino (literally). The color theme will be red and black. It was inspired from wintercorft's rhino. Kurosai will have a mix of oriental and robotic design. The materials will be used are: bottom part of a case, 3mm and 4.5mm acrylic sheets and metal sheets. Specs (to be updated) procie: pending mobo: Asus maximus viii impact ram: gskill tridentz ddr4 8gb gpu: pending for sponsorship psu: pending for sponsorship cooling: pending hdd: 1tb wd ssd: pending for sponsorship The sponsored products will be exposed and highlighted during the Pangasinan cyber expo and future events. DRAFT MOBO: RAM: PCIE RISER So before I'll cut some acrylic and metal sheets I made a mock model of the mod. But I will be using the bottom part of a case which i modified into a slanted position. Test fit.
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