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Thermaltake VIEW 71 TG RGB bad fans

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The noise from these fans is audible from 8 metres around one wall, it sounds like a stationary van. It not super loud just seems to carry.

It doesn't matter if i pick high or low on the controller both have the noise.

Is there anyway to manually set the RPM? I want them low as possible like 400.

I don't regret buying the case tho it looks so good :) The fans are just complete junk.

On low the noise is louder than my 1080 ti running 300 FPS at 61 degrees. It's louder than the cpu too. The only thing i can hear are these case fans.

I keep looking out the window thinking the delivery van is there. It's the exact same noise i hear when i know the delivery man has arrived as he leaves his van running.

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