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Hello people !

i buyed a Watercooling (Thermaltake Water 3.0 240 Riing RGB edition) 2 months ago.

(This model)

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "thermaltake water 3.0 riing rgb 240"


I read it's compatible with the AM4 Socket WITH A KIT.

But i can't find this kit anywhere and the support don't give me any answer (i tried to contact them 1 month ago)

So, i can't use my WaterCooling. Someone have a solution for me ?

Have a nice day!

PS : I can finally buy but 70$ shipping because i'm in France. T_T i'm so desesperate.

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If the box or the webstore listing does not show AM4 (Sticker on box or listed on website store) then the AM4 bracket is not included with the product. We do offer the AM4 brackets separately (For users who had the cooler already).

I can only speak for the USA region, which we added the sticker to the packaging "AM4" indicating the bracket was included.

You can purchase the bracket here (Or use this part number to look for it locally):


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