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So what is the deal with the cool drain that is shown in the store but there is no add to cart button? Im telling you this drain valve design is way above what all other ball valves have show in cleanliness. I mean having an inline valve without a handle is freaking amazing. Thermalmike hook this up quick. BTW im new to watercooling and am still picking out my parts for my first custom loop build Im putting it into a view 31 case. It is a small case but im looking to put 2 R360 rads in it with petg tubing. It seems like a heavy task but ill be able to make it work. Ill post in the future.


but really i need to know about the drain i want one bad


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Thanks for the feedback on the drain kits :) We really like them in the office too for our Demo builds.

BTW, which one are you looking to get? Just the 90 or the 90/45 one?

Right now the 90/45 one is out of stock due to one 1 fitting we are waiting to get in then will have more available.

Let me know which one you are looking for to confirm and will check.


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