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Riing Plus Premium fans acting funny and controller issues

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3x120mm fans in front of case / 3x140mm fans on top of case / 2x120mm fans on bottom of case / 1x140mm fan at back of case / 1x140mm fan on side of case / 3x120mm fans on Floe riing radiator.
On bootup/opening the Riing Plus RGB Tt Premium Edition software I get a controller fail error and fan controller number 3 is "Red" in the Gui when I open it.

What is strange also, is that whenever I change a fan setting....2 fans change at the same time. I can not isolate only 1 fan change at a time. It automatically controls in pairs.

Also, 2 of the 140mm fans have sporadic "lightening" flashes of random led/rgb color on solid color transitions. Example...when a fade into blue happens a couple of leds will strobe white...or another color (random strobe flashes).

Any Help or ideas?

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