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Themaltake GT10 Front case cover

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Aloha ,

I am new to the Forums now but need to find out about my .....GT 10 Case. I got it free so I invested in it and now it is up and running good

but I am missing the front Cover and need a new .... USB / Sound Setup section Replaced.  It also needs some .... Hard Drive Trays 

and I tried ..........SUPPORT but no reply yet back. I also dropped a ......... MSI 970 MoBo in it with a ..... ASUS GeForce Dual  1050 OC Video Card , 16 GB 

for now. It has a ...... AMD FX 6300 3.5 / Black Edition CPU.  

( Anyone with a front cover for sale let me know.  ( I have PayPal also )

These are the problems in the pictures.


Aloha     longBike / Louis 




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