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Using Riing Plus Premium Fans with Gigabyte RGB Fusion

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Hello All,

I am having trouble getting my fans to sync up with RGB Fusion. All 10 fans on the 2 controllers show up inside the Riing software and i can control them but they do not show up in the Gigabyte RGB Fusion software. They are listed on gigabytes website as being compatible with the MOBO but after several reinstalls nothing is showing up.

Also i have noticed that the fans on the controllers get out of sync. As an example after a restart the fans on controller A will be on the same program as B but they show different colors until i open the software and hit save again. Anyway to fix that too? 

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You will need to purchase our SYNC controller if you want to integrate it with MB RGB. You also cannot use our software this way, you will remove the controller the fans came with and plug them into the SYNC controller which then has a cable to goto the motherboard.

See more information and check your motherboards compatibility for the product here: (Please note the SYNC controller will only support +5V RGB LED headers, not +12V)


As for the fans going out of SYNC on just the Thermaltake products, once you click save, it will reset and SYNC the LED mode, once you have it set and saved, do a shutdown and then boot up to test and confirm.

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