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Floe Riing 240 TT Buzzing Sound Issue

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I recently purchased this all in one cooler for my new build. This is my first thermaltake all in one cooler so I am not sure what standard operating sounds it should make. Anyway it is making a buzzing sound. The buzzing sound is reduced when I am gaming but when it is idle it is pretty loud as you can see in the video. Is there a fix to this or is it defected? Also, I am getting a controller 1 error upon starting up the software. 

Please advise.





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Thanks for the video, something is going on there, I would just replace it with a new one, it happens.

To give you some ideas though on the software:

The warning that is shown is because you have a fan port activated that has nothing plugged in, so the software is telling you something is wrong and on which controller.

All you have to do is turn off the ports like shown with port #3, where you have port 4/5 still active for the ones that are not connected.

Then, since the pump has a light too, it will be one of these as well (floe 240 will have 2x fans + 1x pump) find out which one is your pump and click the blue arrow where it says "Riing Plus" at the top of the white window and change it to the pump. You should be good once you have it setup this way minus the issue with the physical pump it self.

 - The pump could just have a bubble or something "stuck" move the case around by tilting it while it is on if you can and see what happens. It has been a few days, so maybe you have a change with it after use if you have continued to use it.

Let us know if you need any further support on this or help with setting up an RMA.



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So, I had something VERY similar to this, just slightly less extreme - and I returned it back to Amazon and the one they sent out to replace it made the exact same sound. It's progressively gotten a bit worse over time, but now the major problem is I want to place my computer on top of my desk, and when there's no background noise the pump grinding (that's my best guess at least) is very audible. Is this a common problem? Should I try my luck with an RMA as I've had the cooler for 3 months now? 

Thanks for the help!

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