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Purchase single Riing 14 Plus Premium and other standalone products

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I need an extra Riiing 14 Plus Premium edition for my setup and I cannot seem to find a way to purchase one without spending extra money on unneeded hardware. If I was using the 12's this wouldn't be a problem since those are offered in single format but that's not the case with the 14s. I'm having a similar problem with the Pacific Lumi as it's marketed with:


"Extendible up to 10 LED Strips: Extend your Pacific Lumi Plus LED Strip by connecting up to 10 strips to the integrated controller(max. 3 channels of LED strips per port)"

but I can't find a way to purchase the LED strips without also purchasing an additional, unneeded controller. I really want to go with Tt for my build but if I can't do it without purchasing excess hardware I'll have to choose another source.

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Give our support a call, we should have some singles we can quote for you. https://thermaltakeusa.zendesk.com/hc/en-us

We normally sell them on our www.ttpremium.com site as well, but it looks like we are out of stock. I will check with sales to see if they can add some back.

Similar to the 12 single we sell which is FAN ONLY - http://ttpremium.com/product/riing-plus-12-rgb-radiator-fan-single-fan/

ATM we do not sell the LED strips separately, I am working with our teams to see about an option for this as I would like it as well to support.

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No go, was told to check in a few weeks via the website. I really wanted to use Tt as I blew a positive Amazon balance on a Riing Premium setup last year for my old HTPC in a HAF XB. 4x Riing 14 Plus Premium and 1x Riing 12 Plus Premum as well as the older, not software controlled 4pin 12v LED strips and controller. I've used Corsair HD series fans+Commander as well as NXZT's Hue and both don't measure up to the Riing. I've seen people bash it for the software being clunky but I found it easy and intuitive. The only thing that was holding it back was software integrated LED controller so I could run all my lights off a single ecosystem. When I noticed the Pacific Lumi it was an easy choice.

Normally you'd think 3 LED strips would be the max you'd want to use but I'm building in an EVGA DG-87 case. The plan is to replace the case's stock white LED strip with an addressable and do the same for my EKWB RGB Res. I won't be building til May so stay on their tail about getting both the 14s purchasable in single units as well as LEDs purchasable without the controller. It's not a big deal to have to purchase an extra strip or two but it's wasteful to purchase the entire controller.

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