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Tt Andy

LUMI Color LED Strip Owner's Club

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LUMI Color LED Strip 

By using high density LED and high-grade 3MTM adhesive back sticker, the LUMI Color LED Strip can easily hide lights between side panels and under components. Equipped with chainable connection and multiple colors, to create a limitless length and strong sense of lighting effects.


Premium LED

EPISTAR high density LED with energy efficiency and extra long life (35,000 hours)



Supreme PC Board

Black flexible PC board with waterproof protection (IP65 standard)


Lighting Connection

Limitless / multiple connections with 4-pin Molex header


Easy and Reliable

Top quality 3MTM adhesive sticker


Cable Extension

Extended cable with chainable connector to fit in special case moddings



Share your builds with LUMI Color LED Strips to be added to the list!

More info: White, Blue, Green, Red


Owner's List

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