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  1. This version still causes the hard drives heads to make noise, but now it is at a 2Hz rate instead of a 1Hz rate. Still very audible.
  2. After upgrading my system incorporating Riing Plus and Trio fans, a TT 360 AIO cooler and Toughpower 1050W PSU (using 3 TT fan controllers), and a TT RGB mouse pad, I started to lose my keyboard intermittently, as well as my USB 2.0 DVD drive and any USB external hard drive or thumb drive. Sometimes the mouse pad RGB is not detected at boot-up either. This never happened before upgrading the system to RGB. All my other hardware, (mobo, CPU, RAM, keyboard, mouse, etc.) is original. I discovered that if I exit out of the TT RGB Plus software in the taskbar before attaching a USB hard drive or DVD drive, I am able to use it with no disconnect problems. Since everything works fine with the TT RGB Plus software closed, that's how I'm running the system when I need USB I/O. Has anyone else experienced this?
  3. Hi, I already had TT RGB Plus installed before installing the DPS G App, and the hard drive issue does not happen with that software. I only installed the DPS G App software because I installed the TT digital power supply later on and wanted to be able to control the fan speed of the power supply, which I could not do with the TT RGB Plus software. While I like the other functionality of the DPS G app, the constant hard drive noise it adds to my otherwise very quiet system made me uninstall it. By the way, uninstalling it was very difficult, because it crashed during the uninstall. I tried reinstalling it then uninstalling it, and the same thing happened. I got an error in the middle of the uninstall procedure which was in Taiwanese, (I did not screen capture it) and every time my system rebooted, Windows would say that it could not find Thermaltake power.exe. Nothing for the DPS G app was listed under Task Manager Startup, so I had to install Windows Autoruns64 in order to remove the remaining load commands for Thermaltake power.exe that were not removed by the uninstall routine.
  4. TT sent me a version of the app this morning to try, but it does the same thing. DPS G App 3.2.05. I'm not sure what they changed, but all of a sudden, all of my Firefox tabs kept crashing. I tried refreshing Firefox, but that didn't help. I then uninstalled and reinstalled Firefox, and that didn't help either. Since the only program I installed today was the DPS App, I uninstalled it, and my Firefox stopped crashing. Talk about falling out of the frying pan and into the fire!
  5. I just installed version 3.2.05, but my hard drive heads still make the same "hunting" sound at a 1 hz rate as long as the app is running in the background. Shortly after installing this new version, my Firefox browser started crashing all of its open tabs. I tried refreshing Firefox, and that made no difference. Then I uninstalled, rebooted, and reinstalled Firefox and it still crashed. Since the only program I installed today was your app, I uninstalled it, and Firefox immediately stopped crashing. It seems very unlikely to have been a coincidence. As of now, I have no version of the DPS G app installed on my PC. I built this system using the TT Level 20 GT RGB Plus case, TT Floe Triple Riing 360 CPU AIO, TT Toughpower IRGB Plus 1050W 80+ Platinum digital RGB power supply, and a total of 4 TT 200mm riing duo and trio case fans, 5 TT 120mm duo and trio fans (including the AIO) and 1 TT 140mm duo case fan. With an analog sound pressure meter located 6 inches from the back of the case, it is so quiet it doesn't reach the lowest number on the low scale--but it looks to be about 32db during normal system operation (not benchmarking). This is why I am able to hear the hard drive's heads hunting when the DPS G App is running and stops when I close the app. I doubt that many systems would be able to hear their system's spinning hard drives.
  6. I still have the issue with the DPS G App. I have a very quiet desktop PC, and I can clearly hear the 6TB Western Digital Black hard drive's heads bouncing at a continual 1 HZ rate as soon as the DPS G app loads, and it stops as soon as I quit the app from the taskbar. I am using App version 3.2.0. Is there an updated version? I ran basic and extended SMART tests on my hard drive, and it passes both tests.
  7. Why does the TT DPS G App constantly cause my mechanical hard drive's heads to hunt at a 1Hz rate? This is really annoying and isn't good for the longevity of my hardware. I know that it's the app, because as soon as I exit it from the taskbar, the hard drive heads stop hammering.
  8. I bought the Pacific Lumi Plus LED strips. I attached all three together to only use one controller port, but only the strip attached to the wire changes color. The other two strips remain red. I was hoping that the other strips, since they were directly attached to the first strip, would follow the color of the first strip. Very disappointed that they don't.
  9. I love the Toughpower irgb plus 1050W Digital Power supply, it is so quiet. But when I installed the TT DPS G app (V3.2.0) on my PC, the app is causing my WD Black hard drive's heads to hunt very loudly every 1 second. It's driving me nuts. As soon as I shut down the app from my taskbar, the hard drive stops hunting, so I know it's the app causing it. I don't need the app functionality, I just want to be able to control the fan's LEDs with my existing RIING Plus ecosystem. Has anyone connected their Power Supply's USB connection to a RIING Plus, Duo or Trio controller? The cable provided with the power supply only connects to a USB 2.0 header on the motherboard and doesn't have the proper pin configuration to attach to a RIING controller. All the website talks about is using their app, but I don't like what it's doing to my hard drives. If it's "pinging" my SSDs at a 1 Hz rate like it is doing to my mechanical hard drive, how much wear and tear is that causing to their limited write cycle? I just want to be able to connect the power supply's RGB light to the controller(s) running all my other RIING fan LEDs.
  10. Hi, I'm in the process of setting up the Level 20 GT RGB case with my MSI X99A SLI Plus motherboard, and the case's manual is a bit unclear about the front panel connections. There is a large plug with two wires marked "USB 3.0" and it's easy to see that the plug fits one of the mobo's USB 3.0 headers. The USB 2.0 wire connection to the mobo's USB 2.0 header is also a "no-brainer." But there is another plug with a single wire that also fits a USB 3.0 header, but the plug isn't marked USB 3.0 like the other plug is, and there is no writing on the wire to indicate what it's for. It only fits a USB 3.0 header (my mobo has no USB 3.1 header but has two USB 3.1 ports on the back), so is this the wire for the USB C front panel jack? My other question is, there was a flat wire that connects the reset switch, power, power LED, and HD LED etc., but I found no wires for the microphone or speaker jack. My mobo has a connector that uses the "Intel Front Panel I/O Connectivity Design." Again, the manual is unclear about connections for the mic and speaker jacks. It only says that the case supports AC'97 or HD Audio (Azalia) but makes no mention of the associate cabling. Even though that unmarked plug only fits a USB 3.0 header, I hesitate to power up the mobo for the first time without knowing exactly what that cable is for. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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