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Sidd 4h1he

Talon blu programmable side buttons?

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Guest Tt Paul

I just purchased the Talon blu mouse and I am unaware of any method to program the side bottons. please help. I was under the impression that the side bottons functioned as macro keys that are programmable.

Hi, Sidd 4h1he


Welcome to Tt Community~


TALON Blu is an entry level gaming mouse which doesn't have any macro setting function and the two side buttons you mention is for back and forward page purpose, thank you. 

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I just purchased the same mouse, was a little sad when I didn't find support for such functionality lent by manufacturers, then read this.. However I didn't give up, and just downloaded XMouse and configured the talon blu to my liking via third party software. Little lateral thinking, where there's a will there's a way. Stay awesome pplz



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