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Thermaltake Urban T81 Full Tower Case Review@THINKCOMPUTERS

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Jul 24, 2014 - by Bob Buskirk


For the past few years Thermaltake’s cases have sort of been mainstream, appealing to pretty much anyone who wants a case. While this may or may not be the best thing other case companies have been really becoming popular with enthusiast builders out there. At CES this past January Thermaltake told us that they were going to be returning to their roots with some of their new cases, making these cases specifically for builders, modders and enthusiasts. Today we are taking a looking at the Urban T81 Full Tower which features a dual-swing door design, full modular drive concept, three 200 mm and a 140 mm fans included and the sleek design that you expect from Thermaltake’s Urban Series. Will this case impress? Read on as we find out!


Final Thoughts

I have to say I am extremely impressed with this case. It seems as though Thermaltake has really listened to its customers and done all of the right things with the Urban T81. Being part of the Urban Series you are going to get a sleek case and the T81 is no exception to that. It has a very subtle, but sleek design. The front brushed aluminum door makes it so there are no drives messing up that sleek look of the case.


The T81 is more than capable of handling pretty much any piece of hardware you throw it at it. It is a full tower case so you do have support for ATX and E-ATX motherboards, eight hard drives, two optical drives, and long graphics cards and power supplies. As I said this is a builders case and Thermaltake has really taken that to heart with the modular drive system. This allows you to completely remove all of the storage from the case and move the hard drive cages to whichever configuration you would like. It really does give you a lot of options.


When it comes to cooling Thermaltake does include three 200 mm (2 front, 1 top) fans and a 140 mm exhaust fan. That should be more than enough to keep your system cool, but of course you can add quite a lot more fans if you wish. One thing that I really did not mention too much was the radiator support. This case can support some pretty extreme watercooling configurations, check out the graph below to see what I mean.



Another great feature of this case is the dual-swing door design. This not only looks cool, but makes it extremely easy to get in inside your case. Not only that the lock on the door gives you an extra level of security. Installation in this case is a snap and I did not encounter any issues at all when installing my system.


At the end of the day this is one of the better cases that I have seen lately, from the build quality to the features. If you are looking for a sleek full tower case this should be at the top of your list. Right now you can pick up the Urban T81 at my favorite online retailer for $168, which is a great price. Overall ThinkComputers gives the Thermaltake Urban T81 Full Tower Case a 10 out of 10 score and our Recommended Award.





- Sleek design

- Dual-swing door design

- Modular storage system

- 4 included fans

- Lots of room for watercooling

- Easy installation




- Would have liked to see tie-downs on the back of the motherboard tray



Full Urban T81 review@THINKCOMPUTER please check: http://www.thinkcomputers.org/thermaltake-urban-t81-full-tower-case-review/



Recommended Comments

The two-swing door design is another great thing about this case. This not only makes your case look cool, but it also makes it very easy to get inside. Not only that, but the door lock adds another level of safety. In this case, installation is easy, and I had no problems at all when I set up my system.

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