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    Good video editor for beginners.

    At first, I used Windows Media, but then I realized Windows Media does not have useful features. I want to be better and grow in video editing. My friend advised me to download imovie for pc . I have been using this video editor for only a few days, but during this time I realized that it is multifunctional and easy to use. More than 40 effects make it possible to make the video vivid and memorable. In addition, using this program you can create a cool slide show, which is also very useful)
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    Alternative to TT RGB software

    Github version has Razer Connect/Sync implemented for anyone that has problems with the official software.
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    Tell me please, what about cats?

    Tell me please, what about cats?
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    Tell me please, what about cats?

    I mean, not animals, but girls, why is it the name for hot girls? This is not related to cats, why is that? Why not puppies or something like that.
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    The lack of support stinks from TT on here. If it was EVGA, Corsair this thread would be thriving with better suggestions and by now a work around solution directly from the horses mouth. It's sick seeing users left in the dark like this.
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    Still waiting... Turning off my rig till then..
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    anyone hear any updates on this issue?
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    I can tell this issue is new, couldn't find it anywhere on the net. You're actually the first person to post a screenshot of it @bragimova
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    SideShow Pat. There is a special place in heaven for people like you. Your solution worked great. I would suggest that you copyright it and sell it to Thermatake for a million dollars (or sue them for more if they use it!) Thanks... Ed.
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    Level 20 Series

    Hey TT! I'm currently in the process of finishing my hard tube build with the Level 20 GT Case, I really enjoyed the amount of air flow I had with the front panel off. But obviously I really like what the case looks like everything on. Is there something else I can replace the front of the case with besides the glass to allow more airflow? Can you remove the glass possibly? Or buy a mesh insert instead to replace the tempered glass? Thanks!
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