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    Tt Andy

    [Voting] Stage 1

    2018 Thermaltake CaseMOD Season 2-TT Talent Round 1 Voting has started! All you have to do is vote for your favorite modder by using the poll on this post before 11/3 11:59pm PST Contestants are below, for more information about the modder please click their profiles to expand! The Round 1 final Vote score will be accumulated from the below categories: Tt Community Members 50%, Professional Modders 25%, and Thermaltake Judge 25%
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    [Voting] Stage 1

    Good luck to all !
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    [Voting] Stage 1

    A great Line up of Professional's gathered together. Where the prize of winning is the leading motivation. I remember a small part this time when I Modded and the excitement is great too. BLESSINGS TO ALL.
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