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  1. I built this F31 about a year ago and decided to something crazy with it. I have never cut into a PC tower like this before. Buildlog for original; http://community.thermaltake.com/index.php?/topic/42443-suppressor-f31-casemod-external-cooling/ I tore the case down and decided to go for it. I was pretty much just wingin it here lol I will figure out that edge and get it right before I do anything. More to come...
  2. I had some issues with sata cables. That is why it looks crazy right now. I will fix all of that and fill the pc and I will post a few more final pictures.
  3. Got some goodies in the mail. I had a buddy of mine weld the cases together for better support.
  4. My name is Dustin Porter and I am the owner of REDLINEeliteModz Facebook.com/REDLINEeliteModz Thermaltake asked me to build a twin Core P3. Specs. CPU-Intel i7 4790k Mobo-ASRock Fatal1ty Killer Z97 RAM-Corsair Vengeance Pro 32GBs GPU-EVGA 970 PSU-Tt DPS RGB 850 G Storage-2X Corsair Neutron XT's 480GBs Raid0 All Thermaltake Water cooling parts. Sposors. A HUGE thanks to Thermaltake and CableMod Enjoy!!
  5. Here is my First P5. Im lovin this case. Specs; CPU I7 6700 GPU EVGA 970 Ram 24gbs DDR4 Corsair Vengeance Board ASRock Z170 Gaming K4 PSU Hale90 1000W
  6. I now have a working pc and she is beast mode No name kitty has found a new place to chill And another lol Now that she is up and running I still have lots more work to do... Thanks for checking out my build. I have put alot of time and hard work into this desk since the day I built it in 2014. A HUGE thanks to my sponsors on this build Therlamtake Corsair Avexir Please go check out my facebook page and shoot me a like. I would really appreciate it. And share with your friends I hope you liked my build.
  7. My carbon fiber vinyl arrived in the mail. I decided to wrap them pieces I made in vinyl. Looks cool I got the inside all wrapped up and ready to go in the house This thing is looking sick Called my buddy Aaron Kilgore over to help haul this beast in the house. If I had to guess she weighs about 300lbs Now lets start putting a pc in it I got one loop finished and filled up Trying to get air out of the lines. These RGB fans are the coolest
  8. ' Looking pretty so far Drilled some holes for fittings to 360 rads Just to get an idea of what its going to look like. and I need to mark where the mount stuff I took the cover off the PSU and mounted it over the hole i cut out for the PSU Cut fan holes for the front Got to use my new router and made some clean edges all over the place lol AMD desk Is back for repairs. I built this a while back for a friend. I decided to make these to cover the holes in the top of the desk. Also add a little design to the desk Lots of sanding and ready for paint
  9. It is starting to look like what I had imagined Thanks to Thermaltake for sending me all of this sweet stuff for the build No name kitty is wanting to help. These panels will hold 3 120mm Thermaltake RGB Riing fans with a 360mm Rad behind I made covers on each side. They will be removable for easy access to Rads and fittings Ok No name kitty is back. She wants to help but when I fire up any power tool she seems to not want to help anymore. I mounted my 240mm Rads on the front I had to take a break from the desk to work on my car. That was a pain Cutting holes for the fans
  10. Hello, My name is Dustin Porter and I built REDLINEelite Desk I Built the desk in July of 2014 and recently Rebuilt the desk into what it is today. A lot of hard work along with Thermaltake Sponsorship, I have created something truly incredible. My shop is now ready for the desk rebuild She is in the shop. Lets get to work Time to disassemble I angled both sides. The straight front was boring I had to make bigger panels for the front And there it is. Looks pretty good. I made this a while for something, I cant remember what but im going to use it for a monitor stand
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