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  1. Mike, the new cables are not as bad as the originals but issues persist which made me go to just a single GPU for now. I would have my computer freeze and forced me to do forced shutdowns. I have two https://www.amazon.com/GIGABYTE-GeForce-GTX-980Ti-GAMING/dp/B00ZJP9DMC/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1471129186&sr=8-1&keywords=gigabyte+gtx+980ti+g1+gamingcards with EK liquid cooling blocks. I want to try the 3M cables and see how that goes.
  2. http://www.digikey.com/product-search/en?mpart=8KC3-0726-0250&vendor=19 Is this the same one you used? If so, it would probably take some modifications to mount it to the video card end (to keep it in place).
  3. Where did you find this 3m riser? And are the connectors at both ends the same as the thermaltake? I want to make sure it will mount properly since the riser needs to be mounted on the card end so it works for the P5 case.
  4. Mike, yeah the new versions seem to be working ok. I havent been stressing the system since I havent been feeling well. I want to swap out the cable I got from Amazon (old version). I will send you another email in case my old email is buried in your mailbox.
  5. I just received my other riser cable from Amazon and this one is the new model. Will try and get everything installed soon for testing. I will need to replace the first riser cable I received since it was not the updated model.
  6. I just received the cable and its NOT the new design. It was folded like a taco in a padded envelope. I am getting really tired of waiting to install my other graphics card. Mike, you need to get with Amazon and set them straight. I need a cable and I need it two weeks ago. You can look up my prior email for my information jakevsnake@wraithrev.com. Oh yeah, and I have another cable from Amazon on the way (wanted a backup) so I am not hopeful its the right one. I will find out tomorrow. See attached pics.
  7. Well Amazon just emailed me an update and the cable should be shipping by Monday. Glad there may be light at the end of the tunnel. My second graphics card is so lonely.
  8. The cable I got was not made by Thermaltake. I had to drill a hole in the bracket for the case to get the screws to line up. The other issue is that the holes in the cable for mounting were not low enough to raise the cable to the height of the Thermaltake cable. Any idea how long it will be until more cables are in stock on Amazon?
  9. Well I got a second card for SLI but Amazon is already out of this riser cable. What did you guys do, make like 20 of these? The cable I got from Newegg doesn't line up with the mounting holes of the bracket. Just not my week.
  10. I checked out your link and ordered one from Newegg as well. I notice that Amazon now has the Thermaltake cables in stock again. Not that I would roll the dice on what is already shaping up to be a sketchy solutions to our needs.
  11. Yeah hearing that some people are on their second replacement and I havent seen one yet is making me wonder. Would like to get this before the reaper comes calling for me.
  12. That is disappointing to hear. I would like to know what Thermaltake is doing to ensure the new cables are meeting design requirements? Being able to showcase my GPU with this case was a primary factor in my decision to purchase. If I have to mount directly to my motherboard in order to have reliable performance from my GPU then this is a huge failure on the part of Thermaltake. Does anyone know where we may be able to get a cable to meet our needs outside the Thermaltake supply chain? I just need this to get fixed and move on.
  13. Unfortunately for me I have received no response via email or PM going on for over a week now.
  14. Did you get any confirmation via email that they were shipping you a cable? I emailed Mike and I have not seen a reply in email or this forum. It would be nice to know if they received my request and be told when i can expect a replacement.
  15. I would also love to hear anyone's experience with the new cable.
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