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  1. Wow - a Core P5 - time for me to mod.... thanks go the Thermaltake and all those who entered - I am honored
  2. forks.dad


    Yes - Suchao!!
  3. Fine attention to detail and creative use of the theme - excellent craftsmanship and certainly a show piece for a computer mod. It is obvious why you were selected to participate - the world has been fortunate to share in your unique journey. You have certainly inspired others to think about the possibilities when considering a case mod. It would take some people years to acquire the skills you have in working with wood, metal, glass. Thanks for sharing your journey from start to finish - time now to enjoy the wonderful/powerful computer you now have...
  4. Very nice - what a mod of the original case - looking forward to the final post - good luck!
  5. What a lot of work - thanks for sharing your talents with the other modders and the rest of the world - best of luck!
  6. Now that's thinking outside the box - wonderful attention to color and detail - you have certainly earned your place in this contest - thanks for the effort!!
  7. As a wood working craftsman - I can appreciate the blend of natural ingredients and technology - wow - love it!!!
  8. Now that's a case mod - you took a case and made your signature comment with it. Bravo!!!
  9. Love the theme and your execution and craftsmanship are phenomenal - good luck and thanks for the hours of work
  10. Excellent clean lines - the case is epic because of your design - good luck!!!
  11. I sure have enjoyed this build - your countless hours of work are greatly appreciated
  12. I;m enjoying seeing all the tools you use to make this come alive. Very cool!!
  13. I commend your build and your passion around not using the current technology - but .... don't take away from others who do use it. While you do plug in many of your tools and the features of your build are near exact replicas of past pirate designs, you also benefit from technology by receiving some of the latest computer technology of the day. Many of the other participants in this great experience sponsored by Thermaltake have spent countless hours learning to use cnc and laser tools before even designing their case mod. Let's recognize that this contest should highlight the diversity each of you have no matter what you have at hand to express yourselves. Each of you are extremely lucky to have been selected by Thermaltake to mod one of their premiere cases - let's hope they receive accolades and that their case is still recognizable. Countdown to the finish line is on!!! Best of luck
  14. Very nice - and hand crafted is admirable. There certainly is a lot of resource out there for things pirate to pull from. Well done
  15. Much work and creativity. Attention to detail - this looks like a Mod you will be more than happy to live with for quite a while....until the next inspiration. Nice job and good luck!!
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