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  1. Mike any plans on making the Riing RGB fans led control software based, so you don't have to get inside of the case to change the led colors?
  2. Thanks for the quick response Mike. Question. If you hook up the RGB LED Riing fans directly to the MB or through your suggested fan hub, would you need to use the fan controller box that comes with the RGB led Riing fans to adjust the fan speed or the led colors of the Riing fans? Thanks Cryoablation.
  3. Hello Thermaltake V71 Fans! Just starting my first build, and the V71 case was the first part to arrive. I planned on switching out the 200 mm blue led fans for Thermaltake's 140 mm RGB led fans, which I ordered. Looking through the V71 manual it says the fan speed and light controller buttons can only be used with the built in 200 mm blue led fans? Does anyone know if you can use Thermaltake's own RGB led 140 mm fans and hook them up to the fan speed and led light controllers of the V71? BTW Thermaltake any plans to make the RGB LED fans in 200 mm size?
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