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  1. I have an ASUSTeK A88XM-A motherboard, serial number 131220054001125.
  2. Nope. Still not working. Here's a screenshot of the Firmware updater when I open it. It does not change no matter what I do. http://imgur.com/gXPpG9z
  3. Which software are you referring too? The Firmware Updater or Keyboard Driver?
  4. I have tried updating the firmware, however, the Update button is constantly greyed out. Unplugging and replugging the keyboard does nothing, instead, it makes the keyboard stop working, forcing me to restart my PC. As for screenshots, I can't take any because the RGB software only flashes up for a 2/10th of a second before dissapearing, with no crash log or anything. Edit: The firmware update does say "Error: ISPDLL Failed" on Startup.
  5. So I just got the Challenger Prime RGB Keyboard and so far it's very nice. I installed the software provided on the main website but whenever I try to open it, the window briefly flashes up before closing. Task Manager shows the program does start, but immediately crashes. This is the third time I've reinstalled the software and nothing has changed. Anyone got a fix? I am on Window 7 Ultimate.
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