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  1. They finaly answered me. They said the store where i bought my keyboard will help me. I'll contact the store. A piece of paper in the box sais "5 year warranty". Isnt it a thermaltake warranty? Cause the store gives only a 1 year. Sorry for me getting so annoying.)
  2. erma@thermaltakerussia.ru but they will not answer
  3. The working day in Russia is close to end. No answer. More than 10 days since my email. email info: от: Czar Ivan The Magnificient <enuckon63@gmail.com> (from who) Кому: erma@thermaltakerussia.ru (for who) дата: 28 марта 2016 г., 3:06 (date: 28 march 2016) тема: Poseidon Z, проблема Ñо Ñвитчами (theme: an issue with switches)
  4. Still no answer btw. Hope on this week ill get one.
  5. enuckon63@gmail.com One more question. Is it a russian support located in Russia? Or it is just email for russian consumers? May be i did wrong, using russian language in my email to them?
  6. No answer for me( Seems like tthermaltake suupport dontt even read emails (
  7. Thanks for an answer. Hope support will reply soon. )
  8. its just getting so annoying > i wannnt to use a hammer on it
  9. Same proplem for me. Bought poseidon Z at the end of this summer. And guess what? 5 - 10 keys are double- triple- registering. Is there some russian support? Who may I contact?
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