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  1. Before suggesting all sorts of things both software and hardware related, Please try a different mouse first. This will tell if the problem lies with the mouse drivers, mouse hardware, with windows, or with the games..
  2. Asking questions does not make you a noob, it's smarter to ask then it is to go play and possibly break things on your own.... The 4-pin headers on the Asus Z170-p actually double as 3-pin headers, so you can just connect the 3pin fan to those 4-pin headers.
  3. You're not the first to have issues with the V71 fan controller.. have a read: http://community.thermaltake.com/index.php?/topic/1051-v71-fan-led-switch-not-working/ Most are being sent to call the support desk
  4. http://www.ttesports.com/productpage.aspx?p=28&g=ftr#.V7oVaKKVg28 This is the page for the Theron mouse, if you scroll down you will find a downloads section in which you will find the software for it
  5. i like the idea of a modular testbench , i do hope you meant an AIO waterooling setup for the CPU instead of a custom loop. working with a custom loop will make it very hard to keep the modular idea going..
  6. No problem, im here to help Yeah that means your Motherboard isn't providing enough power on those fan headers. Bit of a let-down on the power requirement front of the Riings i guess.
  7. Yes, i think you will lose the ability to control your fan speeds by software if you do so, but you can try it to test if they stay in the mode and color you selected when you reboot your PC.
  8. Seems to me that they're not getting enough power from the motherboard. Few things you can try: go into the bios to see if you can set the power for those exact fan headers to max connect the power to the PSU directly.
  9. Congratz to the winners!! oh wait that's me too... Congratz to me too!! and thnx Thermaltake! "i'd like to thank the academy.. the producer.. the other actors... " wrong speech sry... Thanks for the congratulations all
  10. really loving the build so far, especially the ssd bracket you built stands out as a piece of art! can't wait to see the further progres
  11. I myself am not a modder, i just write about mods.. all credits go to these amazing modders. I just try to find words good enough to describe their creativity.
  12. Excellent advice to anyone even thinking about beginning with Modding. I'd like to add a little to this advice: Start with an old computer you would throw away because it's to old anyway, this way you will not mess up any expensive stuff either
  13. I see you asking this question in every modder included in this competition... so i'll give you a link to an article i wrote at the start of this competition. http://allerleidesign.nl/wordpress/thermaltake-casemod-2016-s1/ On this link you will find links to most of these modders their websites and / or facebook profiles.. sorry the main language of the article is in dutch, and my auto translate is not very good
  14. Loving the reservoir mount, not many give that much attention to such details. Can't help but wonder tho, what are u going to do for the power cord, since it's now nearly covered by that sidewall... ?
  15. Hmmm... been going up and down in this worklog, but i can't seem to find the answer.. what are those screws for on those custom cable brackets you showed us in this latest update? Also, isn't that silver colored cablecomb abit of overkill in terms of cablemanagement making it just for aesthetics? Loving the build so far, looking forward to the completed project.
  16. Ohw wow... u seriously cut up that beautifull P5Core... Tie fighter starting to look nice, can really see it forming now
  17. perhaps look at some black acrylic.. if u cant find real solar panels that is..
  18. Cockpit starting to look very nice, can't wait to see what you're going to do for the wings....
  19. Lookin' good!! like the ROG logo effect indeed, tho i'd prolly use a tiny mirror to project it onto the wall behind the monitor instead of at the floor
  20. Ah yes, sorry i didn't think about the traveling nightmare glass would bring to the case itself.. Not german, but close enough, We're base in the Netherlands
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