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  1. Project: Pristine Case: Thermaltake Core V1 Mini "White" Hey all, staring my next build based on the Core V1 Mini "white". The concept will be clean modifications, water cooling and assuring all things follow the color scheme of white, clear (acrylic), and chrome. Here are some simple photoshop renderings. Enjoy!
  2. Wrapping up the build!
  3. Some LED's should would top this off nicely!!!
  4. The V21 is for mATX and can support 2 GPU's. There is plenty of space for you to put your build into that case. The exhaust fans should be fine being that they are above the MB I/O's to the back of the case. Check out the previews from Tt... http://www.thermaltakeusa.com/products-model.aspx?id=C_00002559 I'm sure after viewing that link you will have no concerns... #### in fact I bet you would want to add another GPU!!!
  5. My simple humble build... 6700K Z170N Gaming 5 EVGA 980Ti k|ngp|n TridentZ 3200MHz EVGA GQ 750w 80+ Gold Bitspower WB XSPC Raystorm Pro Red Watercooling parts, etc... LOL
  6. Update: Upgraded the exhaust fans. Double the CFM's so it can pull more heat out of the case. They look great to... Find the ziptie, you win!!!
  7. A small promo video I made of this build... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Go_9bfe32LU
  8. So here we go... Good day modder’s, PC artists, overclockers and fellow PC enthusiasts. I would like introduce to you my build… a day dream come true. I call it, the Core V1 Mini k|ngp|n Edition. There isn’t that much back story to this build. It goes like this. I haven’t built myself a PC since 2010. It was bonus time at my company and I was like, what the ####… let’s do it. I muddled around trying to be frugal, but decided to invest into this build a bit. The processor choice bounced around from AMD FX to a core i5. I never really built an Intel machine just because of the co
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