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  1. Hey, I would like to know precisely what type of paint is initially on a brand new Core P5 metal parts. I want to apply myself a new paintjob but I heard that it may fail if I apply a type of paint that doesn't ¨fit¨ with the initial coat. I doubt even the mods know that answer, but I guess it is possible to get more info and contacts, right? Also, PC cases paint thread!
  2. Thanks Martin. So basically, with this TV wallmount (https://www.wayfair.ca/Fino-Medium-Super-Flat-Tilt-Universal-Wall-Mount-for-10-42-Screens-FF44-FFM1001.html) screwed to my wall, plus this VESA adapter screwed to the wallmount, (https://www.wayfair.ca/Master-Mounts-LCD-Flat-TV-Wall-Mount-and-Vesa-Adapter-Plate-102-L246-K~MSMT1006.html?refid=GX77818305167-MSMT1006&device=c&ptid=75690052020) it'd be safe to Wallmount my upcoming Core P5 build? If I am not wrong, with this adapter, I get every single screw holes available.
  3. Hey people, I'll try to keep this short. After a ton of measurements and analysis, I've come to the conclusion that I can't safely wallmount my upcoming P5 build because I won't be able to efficiently use the inner structure of my wall ( the beams ). And by that I mean I can't safely screw the chassis directly into my wall beams; it'd be a disaster if my 4000$ build would fall down to the ground. Altought, I may have found an alternative. I want to use a static TV wallmount ( which can be safe for up to 150lbs ) and screw down my computer to that. Do you guys think it's possible? I will use something similar to this ( without the tilting ) : http://www.primecables.com/p-337811-cab-plb-33l-heavy-duty-tilt-wall-mount-bracket-wsafety-lock-for-tv-37-to-70-inch-black-primecables?gclid=CKTxgdS2mMwCFRNZhgodiisBGQ The screw holes on the P5 are all clustered at the middle, and so are TVs. For now this is my best bet. If you guys have any other wallmounting alternatives thought I'd be happy to hear them, or even ideas to display my build originaly I'm all ears.
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