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  1. Literally this. love corsair, their kb's are rubbish save their textured caps and lighting software. I love my Pos. Z but the software is the biggest drawback
  2. Does anyone know if the new update works? I haven't updated to 36 I believe because both times I did it broke the software and left the kb useless and me having to completely wipe everything and start again. So is the new 2016 update working and not breaking things?? i love my keyboard, love the lighting patterns and customization, but wish they gave the software a huge overhaul. Things like music/sound reactive lighting modes. - Things like incorporating other user created profiles into the software itself. - Things like maybe holding a competition for who can make the most interesting lighting profile (elected by vote) and they'res not only becoming a standard lighting profile but rewarded in some way. Encourage creativity. There is so much potential to be seized and it's a shame it still hasn't happened. Also; Standardize the bottom row and get rid of the oddball wire stabilizers in space bar, enter key, shift key, so that people can properly mod their KB. I endorse it to all my friends that have mechs and the only two retorts I have to take is lack of community sharing with lighting profs and nonstandard b. row + the wire stabilizers. Thermaltake, listen to the community!! We freakin love this keyboard, we only want a couple of (EXTREMELY EASY) changes. Sincerely, TLK
  3. This is super dope mate. The dark side one could perhaps use a few modifications, but only so much can be done with the angle of the keys. Perhaps we can make a dancing bear themed mode? Regardless you did some amazing work and I'm using the dead one as we speak. We can only hope in the future they incorporate music-responsive modes so that something like "on the run" would cycle through millions of colors and "great gig in the sky" would respond to the soul touching vocals. Thanks for your work mate
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