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  1. Would someone PLEASE be kind enough to talk me step by step through setting up macro keys for a game I'm into (Elite Dangerous). I had managed it by fluke because the help section was very confusing. I've set the 10 "T" keys, each one to L Ctrl+L Alt+1, L Ctrl+L Alt+2 etc through to 0 for the T 10 key. THEN, I've set the same config to ten commands in-game. Run game.....zilch! The keyboard presses (the L Ctrl+L Alt+1 etc STILL operate the commands I was hoping to operate via the T Keys! WHAT am I doing wrong? It DID work once but now it's not working at all despite many many attempts. Is there a chronological order to setting up and could someone PLEASE HELPME! I'm at my wits end trying now....the keys work but the T keys just don't .....PLEASE someone please e-mail me an idiot guide ...WITHOUT asking me to read the VERY confusing help section which quite frankly doesn't --- cheers and bless you all for reading this!
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