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  1. I do have a request, Would it be possible for you to make a rear I/O Shield Bracket for Core P5.
  2. prakashelectro

    Core P5

    Please do keep me in mind, as I do really want this part Thanks
  3. prakashelectro

    Core P5

    Thanks for your response. But my mistake, I was talking about the rear I/O Shield that comes with the motherboard. The Core P5 Case does not come with a bracket to attach this shield. I was hoping that someone could 3d design one, that I can print and use. Since drilling holes in the case will void my warranty, a non drilling option would be appreciated (if possible). If drilling is the only option, to hold the bracket in place, then that's fine to.
  4. prakashelectro

    Core P5

    Sorry, I was talking about the I/O Shield.
  5. prakashelectro

    Core P5

    Is there a 3D model of a bracket for the I/O shield, the one comes with the motherboards. If there is not, can someone please design one and post it for download. I want to use the I/O shield that came with the motherboard to give my build a more finished look and my I/O Shield is led lit. I understand that I would have to drill some holes in the case, to attach the bracket, but that's the easy part. Thanks in advance I'm sure there's other people that would like this, also.
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