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  1. @Tte Martin, my steam account looks exactly like yours (with the exception of Civ which I hear is awesome). Borderlands 2 and TF2 are staples in my FPS gameplay. My all time favorite series has to be the Tribes franchise though. I started with Tribes 2 and played that until finally giving Tribes: Ascend a chance which was a decent update on the game. I hope it never dies. CoD: Advanced Warfare and maybe Titanfall are finally starting to incorporate some freedom of movement in their gameplay, but nothing beats jetpacks and skiing in open world combat.
  2. I was thinking something universal that isn't dependent on a specific laptop. Just a pimped out, USB powered laptop mat that we're used to seeing (usually only passive air). Picture a Targus Lap Chill Mat with a small radiator and cooling tubes built in. Why would that be laptop dependent?
  3. My laptop gets HOT. Laptop stands and pads with fans abound, but I've wondered why there isn't a mainstream liquid cooled option available. I understand it would be a bit cumbersome, but I imagine a small hard body pad with copper tubing running through it that routes to a small radiator, fan and resevoir might be useful for gamers and anyone that's ever worked on a Macbook Pro... The drop in portability wouldn't be that bad since they aren't explicitly tied to one another. Perhaps the heat transfer wouldn't be ideal since the pad isn't directly mounted to a block on the CPU or GPU, but the passive cooling should at least help some right? Do these already exist and I'm just not finding them? Any plans being researched Tt?
  4. I love this case. Mine should be shipping soon and I can't wait!
  5. Bought a budget power adapter for a laptop and the connector at the PC actually started smoking D: I pulled it out immediately and opened it up to look at it. Thankfully no damage was done. I'll never be doing that again.
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