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  1. Hi, I am using this keyboard with Windows 10 and it works fine. The software works but is a bit buggy. There is supposed to be a new version being released quite soon.
  2. Technical support have replied and said it is a September 2015 version, is this the latest version?
  3. Hi, was the fix to change the switches or was it a firmware fix? How can I tell if my new keyboard has the 'fix' or is it luck of the draw?
  4. I have just purchased this keyboard and I am impressed by the build quality. Like many people have commented the software leaves a lot to be desired as it is very buggy. Before purchasing the keyboard I read quite a few reviews and the majority were very positive but after purchasing the keyboard I have read quite a few negative comments on sites like Amazon that the switches fail after a few months use resulting in key chatter and bouncing. Do the Kailh switches have a high failure rate? They are supposed to be rated at 50 million key presses but fail after a few months? I'm now very concerned about the reliability of this keyboard. What is the return rate on these? I know it has a five year warranty but the cost of return postage is high and I would not want a second hand replacement keyboard. Not sure if to return this now.
  5. Hi, can someone please tell me what the small white light with the arrow pointing down is indicating? (next to the caps lock light) Update! Ok I have solved it! It is the scroll lock key. Thanks
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