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  1. Sokonomi

    Tower 100?

    Sounds like it might just be in time for when the AMD 4000 and nVidia Ampere cards come out! I am looking for some details so I could try and plan out some things; - What is the physical size of this case? In a video I heard it is 46cm tall and 26cm wide, but what about depth? I need to know if it will fit on my 30cm deep shelf. - What are the size limits of the PSU? So ill know if it can handle my current one. - Will the somewhat confined space between GPU and window cause any issue? It has access to a small intake at the bottom, but will that be enough to avoid having to undervolt? - What are the watercooling capacilities? Would the bottom fan have any space left for maybe a 140mm radiator? Is the top fan limited to 120mm or does it have a little more to give?
  2. Sokonomi

    Tower 100?

    Is there any specs and/or ETA available on this delicious little case? I want to start a new build around september, and it will be a toss up between the tower 100, or the NZXT H1. Can I count on Thermaltake to have my back this winter?
  3. So I cant just grab a USB hub for the 8 new Riing 14 RGB fans that I haven't even taken out of the package yet.. Thanks Thermaltake! What a #### move! I cant return them anymore, so I guess ill have to make it work with these lemons now. Maybe I can botch together a converter that lets me plug it into my motherboards aura header like a strip of 5050 lights.. Anyone got a pin-out on these gen1 fans? Which ones are the LED headers? What voltage do I need to supply?
  4. Hey guys, I spotted some really cool plugs you can screw into 90' bends to illuminate tubing at computex 2016, and I was wondering where you can get em. They dont seem to be on the Tt product page yet, so im guessing they were prototypes or something? Heres a video of em: https://youtu.be/0zUKPMwepuI?t=222 That's literally all I could find about these cool RGB plugs. If they somehow happen to be Asus Aura compatible, I will freaking lose it.
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