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  1. Probably they changed something since the controller cannot set the 4th fan correctly. I can send you any file or setting you might need from my system since asus is not famous of its response time. Please let me know what you need to help you solve this! Thanks
  2. Yes I understood this with the ports first hand:) The thing is that I m way below the limit since asus supports 500 leds and I m at 48 with the 4fans*12 leds each, also how do you count leds since are all plugged in the tt controller? I mean the one of the two ports on the mb is used and it goes straight to the controller, so if I put in aura settings 12 leds then the one fan in the 4th port connected is shutting off its leds, from that point either I put 24, or 36 or 48 results are the same, mentioned earlier. Something fails to multiply the same signal to all ports, is it the controller that receives one and only signal frim the m/b or the m/b that sends faulty bitstream?
  3. So why does it try to "interpret" wrong a single signal from a single argb header and not just multiply it the same to the 9 headers of the controller??
  4. Always asus gives a headache, so if I understood correctly the tt sync controller doesn't make its own effects, it just acts as a splitter but also makes teams with the fans, 1-1-1 / 2-2-2 / 3-3-3. Correct? Hope we get to the bottom of it, it's annoying:(
  5. Also I have one more maybe helpful detail (or not) in Armoury crate, tide effect appears on the 4th fan just after the same effect completes in the other 3 perfectly synced fan, it's like the tt controller delays the 2nd port until the 1st port completes the effect.
  6. Hi and thanks for your response, well things are like this 1. Even now using 1-1-1 and one in the 2 or when used 1-2 and 1-2 connectors the fans that are connected to the nr.2 ports are in perfect sync each other as are the fans in port 1 but in different timing. For example when colors on first two are orange-purple-red the colors in the other two are yellow-green-blue. It's hard to take a photo but I did:) also concerning flash and dash they shut down completely if I choose this effect. This is one of my questions in asus forum as well. 2. No they run the color cycle until windows logon screen when they start the rainbow effect, set from the previous time in aura without me touching anything of course.
  7. Let me make it clear I have a total of 4 fans, in the begining I ve connected the first 3 on one side and the 4th on another (in nr.1 port of course) but I ve seen that only the two that were connected in port 1 on each side were in sync. So I ve used all nr.1 ports on each side for the first 3 and a nr.2 port for the 4th fan. So now 3 fans are in sync but the 4th fan that is on port 2 of one side is out of sync of course, so is there a way to make them all sync or is this how this controller works? 1-1-1 in their own sync, 2-2-2 in their own sync, 3-3-3 in their own sync? For example when rainbow is chosen in aura, 3 fans which are on port 1 are yellow-blue-green but the 4th which are in 2nd port is purple-orange-yellow. I think I ve made it clear enough now:) Also one other thing I ve noticed is Flash and Dash is not working at all, correct? Thanks a lot
  8. Hi all Just purchased a 5 fan pack with riing plus 12 (it was the only choice to have 4 in hand needed) so I purchased a tt sync controller as well to connect it with my asus z490 motherboard. So I got it all running and just found out that in order to sync the 3 fan which are on the 360 radiator, I should have all connected to port 1 on the controller, otherwise it doesn't sync with the same colours. So I did it BUT this way the 4th fan used on the back of my case is always on different color since it is connected on 2nd port of one side of the controller, this is how it's supposed to work? So the only way to have them all synced up is I should buy a 2nd sync controller and have it hooked up on the 2nd addressable header of the M/B and connect that 4th fan on 1st port alone? Is there any other way? Thanks
  9. But this one in your photos seems to have outlet / inlet ports 1 at the top and 1 the bottom, was it your mod or special ordered? I've searched online and found out to have 2 ports on the top as all of them EDIT: I found it, it was the GTS version!! Thanks
  10. Hi and congrats for your creation! Where did you find those rog fan covers? And what is the rad you are using that has ports to the bottom as well? Thanks
  11. It's actually 6 pack fittings....so I guess they do it somehow differently....also what if we use transparent fluid? will it be much brighter?? Good point for the curves...what is it going to be? Fully lose light or what? Waiting for their response with pics and videos maybe...
  12. +1 Every fitting has its own cable lead to the controller?? Or how are they connected? Manual doesn't include such details. Thanks
  13. Hi all Can somebody tell me if there is one pin from the 5 pin connector of fans that supplies voltage only to the leds? Or is it shared with the 12v fan? Thanks
  14. Ouaou...really ouaou!! Many congrats....excellent A+++ Just some questions....you gpus are connected with the Tt riser cable and the are in horizontal position? Is it included in the P5 package? Also would they fit vertical on the motherboard concerning max height inside P5? Lastly I guess "stock" glass of the P5 has holes on the edges to be fitted on the poles of the p5, how did you fit the glass you purchased on the poles? With glue or what? Can a DVD-r/w drive be fitted somehow? Again....it's just so...beautiful and impressive...many congrats for your patience and hard work!! Thanks for your time
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