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  1. Not sure I follow the guide really and to be honest this is the last route I want to take as I bought the fans mainly for the PWM so I don't have to mess with the Aquaero 6 XT fan controller using it manually .Not sure putting 9 fans into one motherboard header would be wise . However I wouldn't mind putting 4 fans on 2 x controllers and then 2 fans into 1 controller as the latter will be for air into the case from front and an exhaust on a 120mm rad . The 2x banks of 4 is for 2x 480mm rads that one is on the bottom of the case where you can see all 4 fans light up (looks fantastic) and the other is in the roof of the case . The case is the corsair 900D tower .

    It's using MB port only for PWM signal.

    Power goes directly from Molex on PSU


    1. Configuration

    We want to use more than 3 fans at the controller, that means we have more than 3 fans at the fan header on the motherboard. I don’t want to damage anything and connecting more than 3 fans to one fan header on the motherboard should be avoided to prevent damage. I spliced the cable of the power supply in order to prevent damages. In that case the motherboard is used to regulate the fan speed only.





    Technically it won't damage MB. It won't draw enough power to supply all 9 of them. 


    Overall it's a very good job. 

    Just one question how 1 controller would handle this in future. 

  3. please help me where to buy riing rgb fan controller i lost my receipt thats why i cant bring this to thermaltake philippines. its a expensive fan but very short warranty for 3months only. hope thermaltake help me with this.

    Have you tried to contact customer support? 

  4. Hi,


    thanks for the feedback, i have been trying to narrow down shipping costs as best as we can.


    Can you email me with a screenshot of the shopping cart and confirm with me the address you are shipping too?


    There could be an issue with how it is flagged in the system, happy to help get you the best price on the shipping.


    Also, if you are in the USA, stay tuned for a BIG promotion coming on ttpremium.com :D

    Hi Mike!


    I saw your e-mail first and only after I noticed new replies here =) 


    I'll send you screenshot soon and thanks with suggestion about splicing =) 


    Furthermore, I would like to see that promotion xD Just let me know with dates xD



  5. Good time of the day everyone! 


    This is my first thread here and  I'm new here, so sorry if I posted something duplicate or not.


    I need your help! 


    Recently I bought 1x 140mm Riing RGB fan and 3x 120mm Riing RGB fans. 

    Both of them came with controllers. 

    I connected one 140mm fan with one controller and three 120mm with second controller. Both of them hooked up with M/B 4pin.


    After installation I faced an issue that 256 color mode (switching colors)  going "not synchronously".

    In other words, 140mm fan change color a little bit faster than rest three 120mm fans. 



    Is there any way to solve it? I've seen on Tt website cable to connecting controllers together but wasn't able to find it anywhere in stores AND online (USA)


    Do you know how to solve it? Thanks!




    BTW, I don't know what happened with picture's orientation ... They were OK...




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